Why Civilizations Self-Destruct by Elmer Pendel


Why Civilizations Self-Destruct by Elmer Pendel

Why Civilizations Self-Destruct by Elmer Pendel

This thought-provoking book might explain some of the paradoxes of modern Western societies, such as that of an increasing burden of tax being payable by a diminishing number of productive people, for less and less apparent benefit.

Those who can, do. Those who cannot (because they lack initiative and seek security) become employees of the State and local government. They become an ever-increasing burden on the diminishing number of productive people. They tend to vote for parties of high taxation, in order to provide themselves with employment and inflation-proof pensions. The Mob votes for its bread and circuses.

Inevitably this situation will lead to a collapse of the structure of society as we know it now. As the ancient Greeks observed, democracy degenerates into tyranny.

Dr. Pendell's book is of major importance because it explains more
simply, more clearly and more accurately than any other work the reasons
for the decline not only of our own civilization but for all previous

Paperback,  176 pp

Note: Second pressing published by Historical Review Press.

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