White Guilt by Hewitt E. Moore


White Guilt by Hewitt E. Moore

White Guilt by Hewitt E. Moore

A total resource blackout takes place in the heartland of America and Evan Roddenberry is prepared for the worst. The government's desire to disarm the nation's populace is put into effect with, "Operation Cleansing." Heinous acts of violence against White Americans, transform a law abiding citizen into the nation's most notorious death row inmate.

White Guilt is controversial in its dealings with race, religion, illegal immigration, feminism, homosexuality, gun control, politics and multiculturalism. It examines the truths with regard to how much we rely on media to inform, and how easily it can control the actions and thoughts of its audience. White Guilt is a page turning thriller written by first time author Hewitt E. Moore. Prepare for an emotional roller coaster from the opening sentence to the final period in this though  provoking book.

Paperback, 177 pp

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