Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs by Ben Klassen


Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs by Ben Klassen

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs by Ben Klassen

The last book to be written by Ben Klassen, founder of the Creativity was published in 1993, the year of his death. It contains his personal notes of the history of his church, which he intended to replace Christianity, from the time of its founding in 1973 up to his transfer to of its leadership to Rick McCarty. Topics include "Foundation Day."; "Exit Keith Williams, Enter Carles Messick,"; "Hawk's Nest; Tom Metzger; Christmas and New Year," ; "987: An Assessment of the Past and Future," ; "Death on the Second Floor of the Church,"; "The White American Rev. Victor Wolf,"; "Moving Headquarters to Milwaukee," ; "Creativity and the White Race: Propelling it into Perpetuity." Also includes an update to this 2013 edition describing the history of the church since 1993.

Paperback, 322 pp

Note: This is the original first pressing edition of this book, published in 1993. This is not a print-on-demand copy. The rarest Klassen book. Supplies are extremely limited. Due to age books may have some imperfections.

Update: Last copy in stock. This copy has two dings on the back corners.Very unlikely this title will be restocked.

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