To Aryan Youth by Dr. Walter Gross


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To Aryan Youth by Dr. Walter Gross

From the preface:

The following is a translation of a short address which appeared in the December, 1935, issue of Neues Volk, the official publication of the Racial-political Department of the NSDAP. Dr. Walter Gross (Ph.D., Heidelberg, 1934) head of the Department, is the author of numerous books and articles on racial matters.

More than any other single aspect of National Socialist ideology, the racial aspect has been deliberately misrepresented and distorted by the Jewish-democratic world press for the purpose of fomenting hatred against National Socialists and their beliefs. This brief address gives us a glimpse at the doctrine, as presented in Germany, which was and still is hysterically characterized as "preposterous," "virulent," "appallingly crude," "demented," and "sadistic." We leave it to the reader to judge who is demented.

Paperback booklet, 8 pp

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