Time Would Not Pass by Van Franklin


Time Would Not Pass by Van Franklin

Time Would Not Pass by Van Franklin

What happens when a bunch of rabble rousing young misfits are thrown together halfway around the world? The result is a comical look at Army life in South Korea towards the end of the cold war. The story follows Mason McCloud, a troubled youth torn between good and evil.This American original narrative tells the tale of an Army at the fulcrum between wartime footing and peacetime shiftlessness. This military historical fiction is a dark hearted coming of age in search of deep rooted truths. Time Would Not Pass is at once an adventure and a love story of sorts.This novel chronicles the human condition and is not for the weak or easily affronted. It runs the gamut from the savage to the serene and all the filthy, vulgar, brutishness between.

Paperback, 292 pp

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