The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen (Second Printing)


The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen  (Second Printing)

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The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen  (Second Printing)

WHITE MAN'S BIBLE - by Ben Klassen, 1981 This is the sequel to Nature's Eternal Religion, and spells out in detail the Racial Religion of Creativity - and the program of building a sound mind in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment. Contains information on the Creativity plan for "Salubrious Living", environmental protection, Articles for defense of the White Race, and much more.

Paperback, 481 pp

Note: This is the second edition, printed in 1992. This is an original copy, not a print-on-demand copy. Original book published by the Milwaukee Creativity church. Books are brand new. Copies may be shopworn or have imperfections. 

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