The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (WLP) First Pressing (Illustrated Edition)


The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (WLP) First Pressing (Illustrated Edition)

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The Turner Diaries by Andrew MacDonald (WLP) First Pressing (Illustrated Edition)

Day by day conditions in America are carrying us all closer to the nightmare world in which Earl Turner and his comrades struggle to overthrowa tyrannical, race-destroying System. They fight with desperation and courage, and they suffer terribly -- but they win!

Andrew Macdonalds's gimly prophetic story of the immediate future chillingly depicts a world in which the civic corruption, decadence, and mindless scramble for ideological conformity we can see all too clearly around us today are carried to their logical conclusion. And his story also portrays in stark terms the stern and bloody measures which will be required to set the world right again and put our race once more on the upward path.

Paperback, 316 pp

Note: This is a brand new, unread copy of the first pressing illustrated edition of this infamous book. In as good of condition as any brand new book you would order online or find in a bookstore. More pictures available upon request. Only one copy available. 1978 first pressing.

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