The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Third Edition)


The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Third Edition)

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The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Third Edition)

Police officials and journalists have called this futur­istic novel a "blueprint" for the takeover of America by white ex­tremists. This is the book that reportedly inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building. Written by a physics professor turned revolutionary, it tells how a militant white un­derground organization defeats a ruthless liberal-Jewish tyranny to establish a new nation. With more than 200,000 copies in print, this has been one of America's most widely read underground best sellers. No matter what you may think of it, this is one novel that everyone concerned about the future should read.

Written by William L. Pierce under the pen name of Andrew Macdonald, The Turner Diaries originally appeared in serial form in issues of a tabloid newspaper he edited. Until his death in 2002, Dr. Pierce was chairman of the National Alliance, which under his leadership became the largest and most influential organization in the US dedicated to the interests of European Americans. Pierce’s many articles, essays, booklets and recorded talks are still influential.

Media Comments on The Turner Diaries

“Everything from how to illegally tap into electrical power to the best way to blow up a nuclear power plant ... the book has the same fascination as a Tom Clancy techno-thriller.” – Molly Ivins, nationally syndicated columnist

“Pierce captures an American voice not often present in books: husky, ruefully wise, determined, given to bursts of awe for the sacrifices that patriots make for their nation and their race.” – Michael Tolkin, Village Voice

“Pierce’s novel airs complaints many people are familiar with – schoolsturned into jungles, bureaucratic intrusion into people’s lives, the disarming of the populace.” – Gary Wills, nationally syndicated columnist

“An explicitly racist and anti-Semitic work of political fic­tion that Federal officials have called the Bible of the extremist right ...” -- The New York Times

“Well written, gripping, with a consistent logic. A good read. And utterly sick." – New York Post columnist

Paperback, 236 pp

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