The Real Constitution and its Real Enemies by Steven E. Maikoski


The Real Constitution and its Real Enemies by Steven E. Maikoski

The Real Constitution and its Real Enemies: How the Right vs. Left dialogue is a weapon being used to destroy our republic by Steven E. Maikoski

This book focuses on the primary reason the liberals are so efficient in piloting our nation away from its constitutional foundation, their narrative that the conservatives are on the right and liberals are on the left. Their process has enabled all constitutional politics to be on the fringe while their anti-constitutional politics have taken over the main stage.

It provides information on our Constitution's founding and design, including advice from many historians and founding fathers, then provides a foundation for successfully arguing against the anti-constitutionalist in any venue. It resets political arguments by asserting that since the Constitution is the foundation of all law, it is the foundation of all political measurements. It reinforces that assertion with a new political model, "The Constitutional Initial Point."

Despite the importance of resetting the ridiculous dialogue that continually eats away at our republic, this is the only book I've found that resets the narrative to a constitutional foundation. In other words, there is no other book like it.

Paperback, 90 pp

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