The Myth of the Six Million by David L. Hoggan


The Myth of the Six Million by David L. Hoggan

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The Myth of the Six Million: Examining the Nazi Extermination Plot by David L. Hoggan

Since the first day of its publication, The Myth of the Six Million has generated controversy and heated debate. Prof. David L. Hoggan, the author of this work—and a history professor at Stanford University at the time it was written—at first refused to attach his name to the manuscript for fear of academic retribution.

The original text was therefore first published under “Anonymous.” Other publishers deemed the book “too hot to handle” and refused even to bring it to press. What is it that is so “dangerous” about this little book?

Why has it been suppressed again and again during its short lifetime? And why is it now so important to get the information contained herein out to as many citizens as possible?

Paperback, 140 pp

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