The Mongrel by Ernst Hiemer


The Mongrel by Ernst Hiemer

The Mongrel by Ernst Hiemer

The Mongrel is translated from the original Third Reich book with the title Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher - literally translatable as The Poodle-Pug-Dachshund-Fox-Terrier (which is also the title of one of the chapters) by Ernst Hiemer. The original illustrations by Willi Hofman - over thirty small black and white sketches - are also included. Nonetheless, this book consists primarily of text, not pictures. Originally published by the Stürmer publishing house of Julius Streicher in Nuremberg in 1940, this now rare - and much sought after by collectors - book was aimed at children. It contains a dozen stories about dangerous or harmful animals, each followed by an unflattering comparison to Jewry. These animals include, but are not limited to, hyenas, grasshoppers, blood-suckers, poisonous snakes, tape-worms and bacillus. This book is also rare, even among Third Reich books, in its open call to totally destroy Jewry, and indeed world-wide, as a necessary final step in an inescapable struggle to the death between Jewry and all the non-Jewish folks of the world. Here is a quote from page 50: Enlightenment alone, however, cannot solve the Jewish question. A folk that knows the Jew must also have the strength to ruthlessly act against the world enemy. Just like the snake threat is only then totally removed, if the poisonous snakes are totally cleaned out, so is the Jewish question only then solved, if Jewry is destroyed. Mankind must know that in the Jewish question there is only a hard "either-or"; for: If we do not kill the Jewish poisonous snake, then it will kill us!

Paperback, 64 pp

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