The Limits of Loyalty by Nikola Bijeliti


The Limits of Loyalty by Nikola Bijeliti

The Limits of Loyalty by Nikola Bijeliti

What responsibilities, if any, do White people have to members of other races? Is there a White Man's Burden obliging us to help other races? Should we treat them as our equals? Do we have the right to conquer them? Should we trade with them? Should we provide them with technology, and, if we do, is there a danger that the technology that we provide them can be used against us? In this story, which takes place in a newly awakened White world, these are the questions that must be answered when the White nations of the world decide to hold a conference to decide on how to deal with the non-White world. Will they be able to put aside their past differences to come to a uniform agreement, or will old grievances, past loyalties, and sentimentality get in the way of White unity?

Book review:

What duties, if any, do we have to those outside of our race? That is the central question of the new, thought-provoking White Nationalist novel, The Limits of Loyalty written by Nikola Bijeliti. How should we move forward in the future, dealing with non-White counties? Should we be open to trade with them? Should we share our technology with them? Should we cut them off all together? Those are a few of the salient questions which the author touches on in his new novel.

Nikola Bijeliti is quickly becoming the most prolific writer within the White Nationalist movement today. The Limits of Loyalty expands on the already comprehensive world, which the author has outlined in his first two novels, namely The American Identity and The European Identity. Fans of his first two novels will not be disappointed. It helps to have read the first two novels, but each book could also work as a standalone.

The author has hit another home run with his third novel, successfully using literature as a medium to bring these issues
to the fore. The dialogue is masterfully written, making you see the pros and cons of the core issues at hand. The reader will likely walk away with some newly gained knowledge and perhaps a new perspective. The Limits of Loyalty is sure to be an edifying read for the seasoned White Nationalist or the neophyte to the movement.

Michael Jeffrey, Patriotic Dissent Books

Paperback, 243 pp

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