The Light from the North by Kurt Pastenaci


The Light from the North by Kurt Pastenaci

The Light from the North: A Short Presentation of the Earliest Culture Creations of Nordic Man by Kurt Pastenaci

Translated from the Third Reich original, Das Licht aus dem Norden: Eine kurzgefaßte Darstellung der frühesten Kulturschöpfungen des nordischen Menschen, by the well-known Third Reich author Kurt Pastenaci, originally published in 1935 in Berlin by Nordland Verlag, which published many SS publications. Based on the sciences of prehistory and early history, this short work presents some of the major contributions to mankind made by the Nordic race. Emphasis is placed on finds within the Nordic culture circle predating those of comparable objects elsewhere in the world. The theme is that the previously generally held view that civilization had come to central and northern Europe from the east and the south – “ex oriente lux” – is wrong. Instead, “the light came from the north”.

Paperback, 60 pp

Note: Some dirt on outer covers due to the way they came in from supplier.

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