The Klassen Letters: Volume One 1969-1976


The Klassen Letters: Volume One 1969-1976

The Klassen Letters: The Genesis of a Racial Religion for the White Volk -- Its Origins and Historical Evolution as chronicled through the Correspondence of its Founder - Volume One 1969-1976 by Ben Klassen

In 1973, Ben Klassen launched his organization, the today called Creativity, with the publication of his first book, Nature's Eternal Religion. Starting out as a one-man mail order operation, Klassen built up a following which later spanned the world. His religion, a white racial worldview, seeks to replace Christianity as the dominant religion of the Western world. This book is a set of his correspondence with people, both well-known and unknown, which illustrate the development of his ideology and answers many of the questions which came his way. The companion Volume 2 completes this set.

Paperback, 296 pp

Note: This is the original first pressing, not a print-on-demand copy. Books may show wear and have imperfections. We have one copy with bad damage on spine that we can let go at a reduced rate. 

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