The Klassen Letters: Volume One 1969-1976


The Klassen Letters: Volume One 1969-1976

The Klassen Letters: The Genesis of a Racial Religion for the White Volk -- Its Origins and Historical Evolution as chronicled through the Correspondence of its Founder - Volume One 1969-1976 by Ben Klassen

In 1973, Ben Klassen launched his organization, the Church of the Creator (today called Creativity) with the publication of his first book, Nature's Eternal Religion. Starting out as a one-man mail order operation, Klassen built up a following which later spanned the world. His religion, a white racial worldview, seeks to replace Christianity as the dominant religion of the Western world. This book is a set of his correspondence with people, both well-known and unknown, which illustrate the development of his ideology and answers many of the questions which came his way. The companion Volume 2 completes this set.

Paperback, 296 pp

Note: This is the original COTC first pressing, not a print-on-demand copy. Books may show wear and have imperfections. 

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