The 'Holocaust': 120 Questions and Answers by Charles E. Weber


The 'Holocaust': 120 Questions and Answers by Charles E. Weber

The 'Holocaust': 120 Questions and Answers by Charles E. Weber

This brochure poses 120 questions that are either commonly asked or which should be asked about the event usually referred to as "The Holocaust," and it gives concise answers. First published in 1983, it has caused quite some chagrin to those who prefer people uncritically believing what they are being told by the Holocaust lobby. It is an excellent introduction into a critical approach to Holocaust studies, although now at times somewhat outdated. Still, if you are unclear aboutthe events popularly referred to as the holocaust, you might want to read this booklet. And if you have already made up your mind and want

nothing to do with radical holocaust revisionists, you might think again, provided you're thinking logically and not in the mode of political correctness. After all, a search for truth should not begin with preconceived conclusions. If you can't agree with Dr. Weber's answers for the 120 questions but cannot offer a reasonable, logical reason as to why not, maybe you should rethink your position! Dr. Charles E. Weber was one of the foremost researchers into the events of the Second World War. He was uniquely suited to this, as he has served as both a professor of history and a professor of the German language.

Paperback, 59 pp

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