The Good Society by Matt Koehl


The Good Society by Matt Koehl

The Good Society by Matt Koehl

This illustrated booklet — based on a 2005 classroom presentation to Ohio high school students — is more relevant than ever at a time of economic and social uncertainty, when politicians are unable to offer more than stale rhetoric and empty promises. Here is a glimpse at National Socialist Germany, a society that actually delivered on its promises, starting with a real economic stimulus package that did not entail debt or war! Here in this handy, easy-to-read summary is a description of a model Aryan society, one whose incredible success began to attract decent, honest people everywhere. By showing the undeniably positive aspects of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler, The Good Society invites comparison with what we have — and don’t have — today. This is the perfect eye-opener to introduce people to a unique period in modern history, as well as to the Movement which continues to uphold its principles and the eternal truths upon which it is based.

Paperback, 24 pp

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