The Eternal Jew (4 Volume Set)


The Eternal Jew (4 Volume Set)

The Eternal Jew (4 Volume Set)

THE ETERNAL JEW (here) is a picture book, NOT the famous film with the same title. (The original book has the same title and even the same front cover illusion as the film, so we kept both despite the risk of confusion.) Although this picture book has the same SUBJECT as the film, the CONTENTS are NOT the same. The picture captions tend to be longer than in the other picture books (#626-#628) and contain some many interesting little known facts. The rare original was printed on cheap paper, so the picture quality is not very good, but that does not diminish the historical interest.

Note: Four individual books bundled together. Only volume one is pictured but you will be purchasing all four volumes. These volumes and not sold individually by us.

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