The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail


The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

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The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

In this internationally acclaimed novel a French writer presents a haunting and prophetic vision of the cataclysmic end of the white, Western world. As millions of starving Third World refugees pour into Europe, the native peoples -- conditioned by decades of "brotherhood" and "equality" propaganda -- are unable to resist. All Europe, and ul­timately the entire white world, is submerged in the human flood.

Astonishingly current. Baltimore Sun writer Linell Smith calls it "shocking and controversial … a macabre thriller … no reader will remain unaffected by the questions it raises about the future of the world." Dismissed by the New York Times magazine as a "racist diatribe." Praised by American Renaissance editor Jared Tay­lor as a "powerful, gripping novel" and a "call to all whites to rekindle their sense of race, love of culture and pride in histo­ry."

In the view of the Library Journal reviewer: “This is an apocalyptic novel, a philosophical dissection of the erosion of Western civilization … Rich and varied (and often discomforting ) imagery, symbolism, and points of view amplify the theme, relating it to such `lessons of the past’ as the Book of Revelation, Paradise Lost, and the fall of the Byzantine Empire. This book will succeed in shocking and challenging the complacent, contemporary mind.”

Paperback, 350 pp

Note: Last copy. Brand new copy. Very good condition.Has minor ding to back corner affecting the corner back cover and a few pages. pictures available upon request. 

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