The 100 Facts by Gary Smith


The 100 Facts by Gary Smith

The 100 Facts by Gary Smith

The purpose of this book is to show without any opinionated bias, a documented factual summation of the race and religion known as the Jews. Facts are presented without any further explanations or remarks in such order that the reader may look up the evidence himself if he or she has any questions. To the right of each fact, in parenthesis, the reader will find a number which will refer him back to the Bibliography page where the reference was taken. Let it be noted that these are only 100 of the multitudes of facts which could be presented. Further studies on the part of the reader will establish the fact that much more could be said concerning the Jew in history and today. 

It is the hope of this church that this book will be an aid and a reference book and guide to all who seek the truth. We are well aware of the traditions, doctrines, fears, and pressures that accompany the following revelation. It is for this reason that we pray God's blessings on you and that by His Spirit He open the light of inspiration to your spirit and mind. The Lord Jesus Christ protect thee.

Staplebound booklet, 52 pp

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