Struggle as Life Law


Struggle as Life Law

Struggle as Life Law

Translated from the Third Reich original Der Kampf als Lebensgesetz. It was published as the fifth 1944 issue in the series of Guidelines of the High Command of the Armed Forces published by the NS Leadership Staff of the High Command of the Armed Forces, which in turn had the task of promoting National Socialist spirit in the officer corps. Interestingly enough, it was not offered for sale to the general public, even though it was essentially a reprint of a Reich Schooling Theme of the NSDAP. Indeed, a note on the back cover even admonishes that it should only be ordered through official channels. The original nineteen black and white illustrations are also included. As the title already indicates, the theme, of course, is that life is struggle. This applies to the individual – man and woman, soldier and civilian – as well as the whole folk.

Paperback, 76 pp

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