SS Family Celebrations


SS Family Celebrations

SS Family Celebrations

Translated from the Third Reich SS original Die Gestaltung der Feste im Jahres– und Lebenslauf in der SS-Familie. It deals with the meaning and significance as well as the conduct of various holidays in the SS family. These include: Christmas, New Year, Easter, May Day, Summer Solstice, Harvest Day, Name-Giving, Acceptance of the Child into the Jungvolk or Jungmädel, Acceptance of the Child into the Hitler Youth or Federation of German Girls, Marriage (including acceptance of the bride into the SS clan community) and Funerals. An explanation of various ancient Germanic runes is included as well as sixteen songs (German text and notes) and illustrations of the wheel-cross, Yule plate, Yule candlestick, Yule corner (with family trunk) and the birthday ring. At the end there is even a list of suggested music.

Paperback, 80 pp

Note: May be a bit dinged up due to how the arrived from our supplier. 

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