Sri Kalki Purana by Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasadeva


Sri Kalki Purana by Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasadeva

Sri Kalki Purana by Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasadeva

Kalki Purana describes the coming incarnation of Lord Krishna who will appear at the end of Kali age. About five thousand years ago, Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa, an empowered incarnation of Lord Krishna, appeared in the holy land of Bharatvarsa. Realising that as the four yugas or ages progress, the human beings’ power of understanding gradually diminishes; He divided the one Veda into four and imparted them to His four principal disciples.

These four Vedas are the Sama, Rk, Yajur, and Atharva. Later on, His disciples again divided the Vedas into many branches. Even after dividing the Vedas, Srila Vyasadeva did not feel satisfied. Thinking that it will be impossible for the people of Kali-yuga to understand the actual purport of the Vedas, He took the essence of that understanding and compiled a simple literature called the Purana Samhita, in story form. Based on this literature, His three principal disciples wrote three more samhitas: Savarni-samhitas, Samcapayana-samhitas, and Akrtavrama samhitas. The eighteen Puranas and thirty-six sub Puranas were later compiled, being based on these four samhitas. Because Srilal Vyasadeva’s Purana Samhita is the source of these literatures, all the Puranas and sub-Puranas are attributed to him.

Among the upa-puranas or sub Puranas, the Kalki Purana is most sacred and widely respected. At the end of Kali-yuga, the Supreme Lord, Hari, will incarnate as Lord Kalki and kill all the all the meat eaters, atheists, and Buddhists of the world that defy the Vedic authority. The pastimes of Lord Kalki are the subject matter of this literature, which is presented in story form. Exalted personalities can see everything, past, present, and future. For this reason, there is no fault in narrating these future events as if they had already occurred. The Kalki Purana consists of thirty-five chapters.

Hardcover, 379 pp

Note: This is the newest edition. The cover is slightly updated. This title comes shrink-wrapped.

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