Son of the Widower by Miguel Serrano


Son of the Widower by Miguel Serrano

Son of the Widower by Miguel Serrano

The English translation from Miguel Serrano's original Spanish book, plus the translation of the transcripts of the two last major interviews with Serrano: An Interview with Miguel Serrano and Lost Friends by Armando Roa in 2006 and and Interview with Miguel Serrano by Christian Warnken in 2005. Aryan Writ for those who fight to the end without hope, just because their honour is called loyalty. This book, this small introductory book into the shadowy cosmic realms of Esoteric Hitlerism, is going to shake the pillars of the world. Here we come to the hidden Nazi Esoteric way, a diamond hard path to the Holy Grail of Germania, and none shall pass unless they pass through us...Who is the Widower? She is the Bride of Lucifer, she has become a Widow with the Magic Death of Lucifer. Who is the Son? In Wagnerian terms he is Parzival, a Luciferian initiate who searched for the Emerald Stone of Venus, the Grail itself, detached from the fiery crown of Lucifer after his inter-stellar battle. Lilith as the Bride has become infertile, with no sons of corrupted flesh, but has given birth to the 'Son of Man', the 'Son of the Widower', Parzival, Son of Lucifer the extra-terrestrial. Parzival representing the Astral body, Lingasarira. Lilith now kills her sons of flesh, like Medea with the sons of Jason. Lilith is the Eternal Feminine which leads to Heaven, and she is the A-Mada, by opposition to the terrestrial woman - breeding, Eve.

Paperback, 104 pp

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