Saga of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust by Karl Delling


Saga of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust by Karl Delling

Saga of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust by Karl Delling

"A Literary Panzerfaust" "A Hailstorm is coming..." This novel is a literary portrayal of how the future may play out. Unlike William Pierce's 'The Turner Diaries' (to which some parallels could be tentatively drawn), 'The Saga Of Hailstorm - In Harm We Trust', is an atavistic Arthurian Legend set in the 21st Century, one could, perhaps, more accurately, draw a parallel to sword-wielding chivalrous knights than to gun-toting revolutionaries. And pop-culture film references in 'The Saga of Hailstorm' recall the traditions of Knights of Honour, perhaps one could call it an 'Existentialist Knight's Tale'. I was reminded, also, of the films 'Highlander' and 'The Duelists'. However, the novel's action and adventure is bolstered by the Germanic Vehmic Courts of Justice of the Middle Ages and a nostalgic view of the Third Reich. The setting of this first Part takes place in Sweden, which seems very appropriate, given the current state of affairs in Sweden. 'The Saga Of Hailstorm' explores the pathos and diffused instincts associated with the destruction and loss of racial identity and the state of 'nationlessness'. The complex emotions arising from an individual's disenfranchisement and alienation, from the degradation of one's culture and folk, that appears to have abandoned its own progeny and embraced its own natural enemy. In this isolating wasteland, in the outer-suburbs of a frozen city, a man, acting alone, feels that it is his duty to re-establish the only condition by which man can live - by Honour. And Honour always arises in one man when he feels that he no longer identifies with the world in which he lives, he is no longer a part of it, he feels that world is not what it should be, and so, he acts, with a violence that is unavoidable, his honour has no other expression but to defy the world around him.

Paperback, 142 pp

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