Rasputin: Neither Devil Nor Saint by Dr. Elizabeth Judas


Rasputin: Neither Devil Nor Saint by Dr. Elizabeth Judas

Rasputin: Neither Devil Nor Saint by Dr. Elizabeth Judas

Perhaps no man in history has had the fantastic lies told about him as has Father Grigory Rasputin. A healer and holy man of great repute—one who tended to the health of the wealthy classes as much as the poverty-stricken, Rasputin has emerged in history as part devil and part mesmerizer.

Nothing could be further from the truth, according to Dr. Elizabeth Judas, one who knew Father Rasputin personally and the authoress of this important work.

Rasputin: Neither Devil Nor Saint, first published in 1942, about 25 years after the Russian Revolution that saw the destruction of old Russia, then the largest and most devout Christian nation on the planet, this book is the fulfillment of a promise made by the authoress to her beloved husband on his death bed.

He too knew Rasputin and was witness to many of his feats of accurate prophecy and medical healing. Dr. Judas’s husband—a member of the Czar’s secret police—wanted the truth to be known about Father Rasputin and the historical record set straight about this influential religious and political figure who stood at the heart of Russian politics for a decade.

Far from the “mad monk” he has been portrayed by establishment historians, Rasputin was a complex character whose true history is in desperate need of accurate revision. This book, a reprint meticulously accurate to the original, is brought to you through the efforts of TBR BOOK CLUB.

Paperback, 218 pp

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