None Dare Call Him Traitor by Eustace Mullins


None Dare Call Him Traitor by Eustace Mullins

None Dare Call Him Traitor: Larry Abraham - The Israeli Connection by Eustace Mullins

The most important, if neglected, story of the early nineteen fifties was the massive shift of the Gnostics (knowing ones) and their worldwide Canaanite apparatus from outspoken and dedicated support of Soviet Union territorial expansion to a total dedication and loyalty to the newly produced State of Israel. The lower echelons of the vast communist web of subversion, who were reluctant to make the shift, were mercilessly hounded by their former colleagues, yet the traitors in our midst had at no time renounced their true feelings, their deeply felt hatred for the people of the United states and for our Constitution, or their contempt for the people whom they privately referred to as "the lumpen-proletariat". Despite this shift in loyalties, the United States remained the milk cow of the worldwide Canaanite movement, continuing to be milked by those who were more ruthless, more Satanic, and conspiratorially organized to take advantage of the innocents.

Staplebound booklet, 24 pp

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