Neither by Sea Nor by Land by Miguel Serrano


Neither by Sea Nor by Land by Miguel Serrano

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Neither by Sea Nor by Land: History of the Search in a Generation by Miguel Serrano

This is a Mystical Epic of the Search and the Transfiguration, in which Miguel Serrano tries to sink to the bottom of the South to resurrect his myths and his Gods, or the soul of the earth. There is much symbolic in this pilgrimage, in the attempt of rapport between the soul of an individual and his landscape of him. Although you can go on the outside, it is as if you walked on the inside. And the search for an Oasis among the ice, for a mythical city in the Andes, or for a secret Monastery on the other side of the world is, in truth, the search for the center of silence and peace of one's own heart. That is to say, I will also try to go beyond a single instance of though, with all the thinking centers in activity. The Total-Man, the Race of Titans, the great possibility sounded; and the transfiguration of the landscape, of the earth, helping this living being to mutate, in the critical vertex of its involvement.

This work is for those who one day will return to look for the Oasis that exists between the ice of the South Pole, the City of the Caesars in the sacred Andes; for those who, crossing the great ocean, return to look for the Eternal City in the Himalayas, finding themselves, perhaps, at the bottom of the waters, with the secret traces that link the worlds...

Paperback, 144 pp

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