Michael: A Novel by Joseph Goebbels (Used)


Michael: A Novel by Joseph Goebbels (Used)

Michael: A Novel by Joseph Goebbels (Used)

Michael is an epistolary novel authored by the Dr. Joseph Goebbels, first published in 1929. It is a three-part work of which only Parts I and III have survived.[The novel is a combination of Goebbels' own thoughts and the life of his best friend Richard Flisges who had actually fought in World War I, and later ended his college studies to work in a mine where he died in an accident.

Paperback, 146 pp

Note: This is a used copy. This is the rare first English edition published by Amok Press in 1987. The condition of this copy is good. Cover shows expected regular wear due to age. Binding is tight. Some margins are marked with small dashes from the previous owner.  This is our only copy and it will not last.

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