Maya: The Grand Illusion by Anil Jain


Maya: The Grand Illusion by Anil Jain

Maya: The Grand Illusion by Anil Jain

What is an Illusion? When you see a wet surface on the road at a distance on a hot afternoon, you know that it is an illusion. When a magician cuts a girl in half during a magic show, you know that it is an illusion. The illusion is a perception different from reality. The perception could be of the senses such as vision, sound, taste, touch, smell or of the ideas of the mind. The concept of a unicorn, Santa Claus or an ideal human being are illusory ideas of the mind.

The nature of the world is illusory. Everything from a particle of sand to the biggest planet is an illusion. Every idea about our world and how it operates is an illusion too. Our ideas about purpose of life, existence of God, ideas of right and wrong and countless other things are all based on our ignorance about the nature of our universe.

This book explores on every little myth we have created about our existence and tries to allow the most intelligent species on the earth, the humans, to come out of their delusional state of mind. Only when we are made aware of the fact that we are asleep, can we try to wake up in the world of reality. In the same way, unless we have understood the illusory nature of the universe, we cannot think of breaking the conditioning of our minds.

Everything that we know about our world is illusory including the objects, living beings, our personalities, our separation, individuality, our social values and morality. Our ideas about knowledge, intelligence, time, space and duality are illusory too. It is time that we start looking at our world with a sincere attention and figure out the real nature of our existence as a sentient entity in this world of illusion, known as Maya.

Paperback, 208 pp

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