Maya: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano


Maya: Reality Is An Illusion by Miguel Serrano

Maya: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano

"a magical manual for the student (guru) of Esoteric Hitlerism... Never before has the world seen such a book." CONTENTS: PART I - MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion PART II - Magic Gateways Of The Werewolfen - Magic Love -The Green Thunderbolt - German Super Science Extract from the Foreword: "We are Esoteric Hitlerists. It means little to us whether you are a Kristian, a Pagan, a Heathen,a this or a that, for we are Armanen. Esoteric means concealed, only for a few, occult, hidden, it can only be understood by a minority. Hitlerism is the knowing that Adolf Hitler came to this tormented world to bring Kali Yuga to a celestial close as Vishnu-Kalki. A final war of worlds. To judge and protect."

Paperback, 134 pp

Note: Our last copy. This title will not be restocked. 

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