Manu: "For the Man to Come" by Miguel Serrano



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Manu: "For the Man to Come" by Miguel Serrano

We enter into a great mystery of mysteries, on the threshold of Eternity. Don Miguel Serrano was no ordinary man. A true factual biography of him is never likely to be written, because the stakes for those who rule this world are simply too high. But let it be known that his mysterious Brahmanic Order was in the forefront and at the heart of the greatest developments of the later half of the 20th Century. Literally millions fought and millions lived and died in the great struggles for which Miguel Serrano served as the grey eminence and directing hand from one end of our planet to the other. We can safely say that the over-all destinies of the previous two generations of humanity were largely in his masterful hands, at least for those with some awareness of the role that has been played in those great struggles by many secret services and special forces of which he was the true Grand Master. "The Hero transports himself to a point where he can no longer continue by his own means. He does not know how or where to go. He is in an alley without exit, against a wall, and that is when an arm extends to him, a hand, and he shakes it."

Paperback, 352 pp

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