Man--The Carnivore! by Ragnar Redbeard


Man--The Carnivore! by Ragnar Redbeard

Man--The Carnivore! by Ragnar Redbeard

This small booklet lays bare the dog eat dog philosophy behind Social Darwinism, making a special point of the way men have both figuratively and literally consumed each other, down through the ages. It is chock full of grim facts about the history of anthropophagy--man eating man! A rare glimpse of an astounding philosophy, this book has been excerpted from the original book "Might is Right", (1890) and has been condensed and edited for content.

Paperback, 45 pp

Note: We at Patriotic Dissent Books do not believe in censorship of any kind. That said, these books have been edited by the publisher, due to fears of getting dropped by the printer.

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