Lucifer's Army: An Expose of Talmudic Tyranny by Peter Christian


Lucifer's Army: An Expose of Talmudic Tyranny by Peter Christian

Lucifer's Army: An Expose of Talmudic Tyranny by Peter Christian

In the eyes of author Peter Christian, for many centuries certain elitist wealthy Jews have been plotting secretly to take control of the entire world, and to rule it from Jerusalem. This is not widely known because the Zionist leaders try to conceal their identity by working through others. They control the major media—television, newspapers, magazines, books, movies and plays. They use any means to advance their satanic agenda, including wars, revolutions, false-flag operations, assassinations, murders, espionage, blackmail, bribery, secret societies, propaganda, lies, deception and fraud. They are like a cancer in the nations of the world, destroying them from within.

Their ultimate goal is to destroy all existing governments of the world, and to destroy all religions except Judaism, especially Christianity. If they gain control, everyone will be required to become Jewish, or to be killed.

Their plan for world control is set forth in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It supports the ideas contained in the Talmud, that Jews are God’s chosen people, destined to rule the world, as well as the mystical ideas of Kabbalah.

In biblical times, Jesus criticized the Pharisees, calling them the Synagogue of Satan. Today, the movement is led by the Rothschild dynasty, who actually worship Lucifer. Many of the support players in Lucifer’s Army are identified in this book.

The purpose of this book is to be a brief introduction to the facts set forth in the many scholarly books, recordings and periodicals listed in the bibliography, presented in chronological order. It also contains a number of recommendations for regaining control of our destiny.

Truth is our most important weapon. Many people are trapped in the matrix of deception, but a pill is not needed to escape it. Instead, it takes knowledge, courage and determination to win. You are probably aware that all of us have been deceived all of our lives. Eventually, you will learn that the State of Israel is not our best friend in the Middle East but rather is our worst enemy in the world.

Topics covered in Lucifer’s Army:

The Torah • conquest of Canaan • the Messiah • rebellious Judea • the Talmud • assimilation • the Khazar empire • the Karaites • the Kabbalah • the Rosicrucians • the Protestant Reformation, • the Alumbrados • the Society of Jesus • the Golem • Freemasonry, • the English Civil War • the Sabbateans • central banks • the Enlightenment • Hasidism • Currency Act of 1764 • the Rothschilds • the Order of the Illuminati • the American Revolution • the French Revolution • the Bank of the United States • Washington’s Farewell Address • proofs of a conspiracy • the Napoleonic Wars • emancipation • the War of 1812 • the Second Bank of the United States • socialism • the Opium Wars • B’nai B’rith • Communism • Knights of the Golden Circle • the War Between the States • Reuters • Alliance Israelite Universelle • plans for world wars • anti-Semitism • Ordo Templi Orientalis • Jews in America • the assassination of Czar Alexander II • Round Table Groups • the Panic of 1893 • The New York Times • Zionism • the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion • the Spanish-American War • the Boer War • Sigmund Freud • the Panic of 1907 • the Young Turks • the Scofield Reference Bible • the presidential election of 1912 • the Federal Reserve Act • Jewish advisers to Woodrow Wilson • the Anti-Defamation League • World War I • the Armenian Holocaust • the media • the Balfour Declaration • the Russian revolution • the Paris Peace Conference • the Weimar Republic • organized crime • the Kahilla • the Frankfurt School • Maurice Samuel • Josef Stalin • Edward Bernays • Jewish Autonomous Oblast • stock market crash of 1929 • the Bank for International Settlements • the Ukrainian Holodomor • Eugene Mayer • Adolf Hitler • Franklin Delano Roosevelt • the Spanish Civil War • World War II • the Holocaust • the Bretton Woods Conference • the United Nations • the state of Israel • the Mossad • American Broadcasting Corporation • the Lavon Affair • Vatican II • the John F. Kennedy assassination • Lyndon B. Johnson • USS Liberty • the Jewish Defense League • the NUMEC scandal • Harold W. Rosenthal • the Church of Satan • the neoconservatives • Rabbi Menachem Schneerson • the Noahide Laws • Sept. 11, 2001 • central banks • Lucifer • Jewish vows • the Israel lobby • Jewish influence in America • Zionist violence • Lucifer’s Army • What can be done?

Paperback, 126 pp

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