Jesus: Legends and Truths by Karl Kautsky


Jesus: Legends and Truths by Karl Kautsky

Jesus: Legends and Truths by Karl Kautsky

The release of the motion picture on the Passion of Christ has stirred tremendous public interest in the subject of the final days of Christ's life and mission. The moving story of the Passion is based entirely upon the Gospels of Christ s Apostles but extensive research has proven much of the material contained in these Gospels is either fictitious or represents facts badly misinterpreted. The true story of Jesus life and mission can still be ascertained by sifting out fact from fiction. Karl Kautsky has analyzed the Gospels, discarded the many fictions and presents in his findings on the Passion what is probably the closest picture of Jesus, his times, his teachings and his contemporaries. The Jesus of legend is replaced by the Jesus of reality and emerges from the myths and legends woven long after his death by a church that had divorced itself from its early Jewish origins and in doing so, condemned the Jews for the Passion of Christ. The new Christians were no longer Jews but Romans, and others, and it was viewed as politically incorrect to blame themselves for Christ s public execution by the Romans. This historical detective story, well footnoted and thoroughly researched, will certainly anger some but it should certainly fascinate many others as the real Jesus emerges from centuries of myths and legends.

Paperback, 60 pp

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