Hunter by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Second Edition)


Hunter by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Second Edition)

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Hunter by Andrew Macdonald (Dr. William Luther Pierce) (Second Edition)

Hunter is an action novel about race that asks the question, "How should an honorable man confront evil?"

Oscar Yeager, a former combat pilot in Vietnam, now a comfortable yuppie working as a Defense Department consultant in the Virginia suburbs of the nation's capital, faces this choice. He surveys the race mixing, the open homosexuality, the growing influence of drugs, and the darkening complexion of the population as the tide of non-White immigration swells. He finds that for him it really is no choice at all: he is compelled to fight the evil that afflicts America in the 1990s; his conscience will not let him ignore it, and joining it is inconceivable.

He declares war on the corrupt and irresponsible politicians who are presiding over the destruction of his race and his country, the scheming media masters who are the principle architects of that destruction, and the spiritually sick adherents of "diversity" who are their willing collaborators. And when Oscar Yeager is on the warpath, you'd better not be in his way.

This book, as well as The Turner Diaries, was written by William L. Pierce under the pen name of Andrew Macdonald. Until his death in 2002, Dr. Pierce was chairman of the National Alliance, which under his leadership became the largest and most influential organization in the US dedicated to the interests of European Americans. His many articles, essays, booklets and recorded talks are still influential.

Media Comments on Hunter

“In a May 3, 1995, search of [convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirator] Nichol's house, FBI agents seized a copy of Hunter a right-wing novel by William Pierce, who also wrote The Turner Diaries, in which a fictional explosion at the FBI headquarters in Washington kills more than 700 people." -- The Denver Post

"Represents a graduate course in the power politics and the psychology of the ruthless ..." -- The Nationalist

Paperback, 262 pp

Note: This is an original copy of the second edition, published by National Vanguard Books. This is not a print-on-demand reprint. May show some signs of wear (possibly shopworn).

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