Horst Wessel: Life and Death


Horst Wessel: Life and Death

Horst Wessel: Life and Death

Translated from the Third Reich original Horst Wessel: Leben und Sterben. It includes a short biography, memories of him written by his comrades, three S.A. fighting songs written by him (We Wear on Our Brown Uniform, Edelweiss Song and the later National Socialist party anthem the Horst Wessel Song also known as Raise the Flag), two poems about him, and two accounts of this death by his nurse and by his doctor as well as 23 photographs. His comrades memories include the beginning of his famous storm-troop five, marches and debates, the S.A.’s first marching band and the S.A.’s first “visit” to the communist-infested Fischerkietz, combating red terror in Berlin and jubilation at the NSDAP Party Day in Nuremberg in 1929.

Paperback, 80 pp

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