Hitler's Alpine Retreat by James Wilson (Used)


Hitler's Alpine Retreat by James Wilson (Used)

Hitler's Alpine Retreat by James Wilson (Used)

The Nazis had no equals at ferociously exploiting new methods of reaching the general population with their political message. The humble postcard became in the 1930's a powerful tool for winning the hearts and minds of the German people. In this unique book James Wilson demonstrates, using 270 original German postcards from his personal collection, how Hitler's obsession with the beautiful and normally peaceful Bavarian mountain area of Berchtesgadener Land was used to project a powerful but totally misleading image of this most evil regime. Haus Wachenfeld, the simple Alpine cottage purchased by Hitler in 1933, evolved to become the Berghof, the Southern headquarters of the Third Reich, and second only to Berlin in terms of importance.

Paperback, 208 pp

Note: This is a used copy. It is in very good condition and is unmarked. Cover shows some signs of usual wear. Top right flap of cover has wear (flap coming up). Pictures available upon request.

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