Highway to Valhalla by Fred Barrett Woodward


Highway to Valhalla by Fred Barrett Woodward

Highway to Valhalla by Fred Barrett Woodward

This is a novel of adventure and romance within the often violent White Supremacy movement and is presented from the perspective of one who has been privileged to view it from the inside. The story involves a group of mostly younger European Canadians and their compatriots from the northern United States. Although their organization is not anti-Semitic it uses the former German National Socialist Party emblem as the adopted symbol for their battle against Marxism and miscegenation. Opening with an original concept for a strategic alternative to Hitler’s invasion of Poland the narrative progresses from a backgrounder on the organization of the Euro-Canadian League, its philosophy, membership, tactics, combat training, pedophile suppression operations, a bloody street confrontation, entrapment of a race traitor, and continues on to a group cross-country motoring trip from Toronto to the White Power congress near Hayden Lake, Idaho, during which discussions are held on various topics of concern to the members, such as the ever present threat of a Marxist resurgence and the Ukrainian Genocide. Other events covered are a never before envisioned modern day Viking funeral, involvement in an execution, and a truly unique proposal for a genetically engineered Final Solution to the Colored Problem. The main characters are 25 year old Carl Weber, owner of an electronics countermeasures enterprise, his two loves, the desirable Valerie Melnyk and the stunning but elusive Sharon Moreland, Carl’s regional leader and mentor Leif Aadland, the elderly and thoughtful head of security Leo Van Hoffstedder, the national leader of the organization Dieter Kaufmann, and the head of a Minnesota militia training unit, Major Croft. Entirely a work of fiction, this novel is nevertheless only a heartbeat from reality.

Paperback, 364 pp

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