Heilige Runenmacht (Holy Rune Might) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer


Heilige Runenmacht (Holy Rune Might) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer

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Heilige Runenmacht (Holy Rune Might) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer

An English translation of Siegfried Adolf Kummer's seminal Armanen work Heilige Runenmacht. Here, Kummer gives his system of rune exercises and practices in detail with full illustrations. Also included are instructions for astral projection, rune dances, the powers of precious and semi-precious stones, yodels, how to do medial drawing and painting, how to heal with runes, how a rune-healer prepares for healing, how runes are associated with planets, astrology, trees and times of the year, the uses of many medicinal herbs, how to use the pendulum, how to make your own Armanen family Coat of Arms, and much more! A number of poems, several pieces of Kummer's art and some of his personal stories and experiences are also included. All of the illustrations from the original German publication of Heilige Runenmacht are reproduced in this translation. Now English speakers can discover the true depth of early 20th century Armanen practice!

Paperback, 218 pp

Note: May show some wear due to how they arrived from our supplier. May have imperfections on outer cover or book. Possibly small dings. Very good condition nonetheless.

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