Hail the Victorious Sun! by Zara Thustra


Hail the Victorious Sun! by Zara Thustra

Hail the Victorious Sun! by Zara Thustra

In this colorful work of fiction, you follow the lead character on a cathartic journey of enlightenment and redemption which frames him encountering various mythic personalities drawn primarily from Norse, Irish and Indic mythology: mythic personalities who systematically raise his level of consciousness as he traverses the Noble Sevenfold Shining Path of the Good Religion on a quest to divine the Holy Grail’s secret location – a quest which ultimately culminates in the Revelation of the God-Spell of Everlasting Life! So dare to be bold! For who knows, maybe you too will See the Light and be redeemed in the ensuing journey through the Lord’s Kingdom, as you cross the Bridge to the Over-World of Divine Morality and are thoroughly cleansed of the Soul-Disfiguring Mind-Poison of the Demon of Vice: the foundation of your thought-world shaken, its false grounding ruptured by the illuminating lightning bolts of Zeus, as you drink from the Grail and summon the will to free yourself from the Evil Grip of the Dark Lord and the seductive allure of his effeminate minion, the Demon of the Lost Soul, by decisively cutting through the Gordian Knot of their perverse psychic entanglements. Freed to finally emerge, purified in spirit and will, your soul redeemed and sanity restored as a TRUE Messenger of God!

Paperback, 216 pp

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