God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation


God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation

God and Folk: Soldierly Affirmation

Translated from the Third Reich original Gott und Volk – Soldatisches Bekenntnis, which was published by the Theodor Fritsch Verlag in Berlin. The author describes himself as a youth of the Weimar Republic generation, soldier and National Socialist activist. But his name is not provided. Christianity is rejected. Service to the God-given folk is proclaimed true meaning of life and ultimate religious act. Fulfillment of duty replaces salvation and heaven. And honor outweighs love. The chapter titles are: Our Path, Decision, Revolution of the Soul, God, Germany, Life, Death, Duty, Honor, Love, Hate, Guilt, Our Task.

Paperback, 72 pp

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