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December Free Book Promotion:

From now through the month of December, Patriotic Dissent Books is running a free book promotion. Spend $100.00 or more (s/h included) and you will receive a free copy of Maya: Reality is an Illusion by Miguel Serrano (a $19.95 value). While supplies last. In the event that this book becomes out of stock, a replacement book (at our discretion) of equal or greater value will be provided.

Description of the book:

"a magical manual for the student (guru) of Esoteric Hitlerism... Never before has the world seen such a book." CONTENTS: PART I - MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion PART II - Magic Gateways Of The Werewolfen - Magic Love -The Green Thunderbolt - German Super Science Extract from the Foreword: "We are Esoteric Hitlerists. It means little to us whether you are a Kristian, a Pagan, a Heathen, a this or a that, for we are Armanen. Esoteric means concealed, only for a few, occult, hidden, it can only be understood by a minority. Hitlerism is the knowing that Adolf Hitler came to this tormented world to bring Kali Yuga to a celestial close as Vishnu-Kalki. A final war of worlds. To judge and protect."

Paperback, 134 pp

Place an order with Patriotic Dissent Books today and get your free copy of this wonderful little book as our gift to you (orders of $100.00 or more; s/h included).

Offer valid through 12/31/19.

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