Deja Vu by Billy Roper


Deja Vu by Billy Roper

Deja Vu by Billy Roper

What if time travel was possible?

Have you ever wished that you could just start over, and do things better, this time around? That is the feeling haunting a team of NASA scientists marooned on the moon in 2038 when their lunar base is cut off from Earth by a global economic and grid collapse. Faced with eventual starvation and death like so many billions below them on a planet where those who created civilization have become too small of a dwindling minority to sustain it, they face some hard decisions about their future. Necessity being the mother of invention, it leads them to even harder decisions about their past.

Deja Vu is that feeling that something that is happening or is about to happen has already been experienced before. What if time travel, backwards only, was possible? What if changes engineered from the future left small moments of ghost memory where the past had been overwritten, like recording over an old fashioned audiotape? We might call that ghost memory of overlap, Deja Vu.

Paperback, 270 pp

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