Day of the Pathogen by James Earl Ray (Signed)



Day of the Pathogen by James Earl Ray (Signed)

The True Story by the Alleged Assassin." The "Pathogen" of the book in hand is a 'cabal' of 'moguls,' a US-based 'Anglo-Elite' which energetically keeps the lid on dissident threats to their power, threats from Europe equally with domestic. "These dissidents," says Ray, pp.32-3, "can be found anywhere: holed up in a swamp; living as a family on a mountainside" [plainly the Randy Weaver incident], "or in an intercity metropolitan area" [the bombing of MOVE in Philadelphia, specified]. "It appears that in some cases the only thing the targets have in common is that for one reason or another, the cabal wants them either killed or jailed for extended prison terms. To accomplish this, government agents periodically carry out search and destroy operations." Table of Contents in full reads, "Part One, Media Mogul Tactics, Two, Moguls Monopoly and Agenda, Three, The Moguls and Cointelpro, Four, The Moguls in Europe." Ray betrays no racist animus but does spend a large percentage to the text cautioning against gays (part II entire, also referenced throughout), and, more briefly, women and Jews, all categories which the alleged moguls can tap for witting or unwitting manpower. 

Staplebound booklet, 72 pp 

Note: This booklet was published by Praetorian Press in 1993 and was signed by the author James Earl Ray. We have some shopworn copies which we can let go at a discount. Please inquire if interested.

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