Auschwitz: Truth or Lie by Thies Christophersen


Auschwitz: Truth or Lie by Thies Christophersen

Auschwitz: Truth or Lie by Thies Christophersen

"Auschwitz: Truth or Lie. An Eyewitness Report" has received wide publicity in Europe as an underground best seller and as a newspaper headliner.

The Canadian publisher realizes the opinions in this book are diametrically opposed to those being promoted and commonly held by the majority of people. However, the reading public has the right to read this eyewitness report from Auschwitz and to see the photographs taken by the author whist in that camp.

Reports from the International Red Cross book Camps de Concentration en Allemagne (1939-1945) bear out the truth of Thies Christophersen's statements. Excerpts from the Red Cross book are included in this book. (Copies of Camps de Concentration en Allemagne can be obtained from Geneva.

A young, German Lawyer, Herr Manfred Roeder of Bensheim, Roonstr. 8, West Germany, despite great opposition and much persecution, made possible the publication of the German edition, and his courage and dedication is to be commended.

-The Publisher

Paperback booklet, 24 pp

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