Atlantis, Edda and Bible by Hermann Wieland


Atlantis, Edda and Bible by Hermann Wieland

Atlantis, Edda and Bible by Hermann Wieland

"200,000 Years of Germanic World Culture and the Secrets of the Holy Scriptures" The first ever English translation of Hermann Wieland's epic retelling of the esoteric history of Atlantis and the truth about ancient Aryan religion. Banned and destroyed by the Allied forces following World War II, this cornerstone work of the ages has remained hidden to the Anglophone until now. Going beyond the saga of Atlantis, Wieland goes further into the darkened depths of history to reveal how the true religion and heritage of the Aryan race has been falsified and stolen from us for thousands of years. Atlantis, Edda & Bible not only exposes the forces behind this concerted effort to destroy the Aryan peoples but also ultimately reveals the secret and hidden message of the Holy Bible itself.

Hardcover, 418 pp

Note: This is the Hermitage Helm Corpus edition. Very scarce and sought after book. 

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