And Time Rolls On by Savitri Devi



And Time Rolls On by Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi (1905-1982) became known as the high priestess of “esoteric Hitlerism” for her unique synthesis of National Socialism, Hindu mythology, and the Indo-European cyclical view of history in her 1958 book The Lightning and the Sun. In 1978, Savitri Devi recorded ten hours of interviews on her life, her thought, and her experiences in the National Socialist movement both before and after World War II. These interviews are an ideal introduction to this brilliant and controversial thinker. Now, for the first time, the edited transcripts of these hard to find recordings are available to readers. This volume is published in commemoration of
Savitri Devi’s 100th birthday, 30 September 2005.

“I embraced Hinduism because it was the only religion in the world that is compatible with National Socialism. And the dream of my life is to integrate Hitlerism into the old Aryan tradition, to show that it is really a resurgence of the original tradition. It’s not Indian, not European, but Indo-European. It comes from back to those days when the Aryans were one people near the North Pole. The Hyperborean tradition.”

“It suddenly dawned on me, sometime in April 1929 . . . and in Palestine of all places, that this foreign German leader who wanted all Germans in one state and wanted the abolition of the treaties of Versailles and Saint Germain, really wanted more than that, much more. And much more meaning: the freedom of Europe, the freedom of the Aryan race, from any kind of Jewish spiritual overlordship. He’s the one who’s going to free us from that. Well if he’s that, then he’s not only the Germans’ leader, he’s my leader too. Mein Führer. And from that day, I felt, not that I was becoming a National Socialist—I never became one—but that I had
always been one, without knowing it. That’s what I felt. And I started thinking of going to Germany and joining the movement. It was the movement of liberation.”

“What I like about National Socialism is the idea of perfection. The idea that man should be perfect. There is a perfect type of each race. Every race should strive to its own perfect type. National Socialism is an Aryan racialism, but you could transpose it. I can very well imagine a non-Aryan, say a Japanese, having the same ideas as ours. . . . And that’s why if to be a religion, the basic
principles of the doctrine have to be universal, I can say National Socialism is a religion.”

“I love all animals, especially felines. . . . The only creature that I cannot love is the stupid, average two-legged mammal who doesn’t think for himself. He’s supposed to think. He’s supposed to look upwards. Man in Greek is called anthropos. Now if you decompose the word anthropos, it means ‘the one who looks above.’ If he doesn’t look above, he’s no anthropos. He’s no
man. And the majority of people who call themselves men, they are not men according to the Greek etymology of the word. A man is supposed to think.”

“I’m for a multi-racial world in which each race keeps to itself, in harmony with the other races. Like in a garden, you have flowerbeds of roses and flowerbeds of carnations and irises and different other flowers. They don’t intermarry. They stay separate, and each one has its beauty. . . . I’m against colonialism for the reason that colonialism infects the master as well as the slave. It even infects the master more.”

Paperback, 208 pp

Note: This is the second revised edition published by Counter Currents.

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