An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust by Dr. Robert Faurisson


An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust by Dr. Robert Faurisson

An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust by Dr. Robert Faurisson

From the first page:

Without the lie of the alleged Holocaust and the alleged gas chambers, the State of Israel would not exist, and the world would be a more peaceful place. The false Holocaust has become the sword and the shield of Israel, endangering peace. An imaginary holocaust, invented and nurtured by the Zionists of Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora, may lead to an actual, global holocaust.

The Jews and the Americans

In 1947-1948, representing themselves as the survivors of an alleged genocide, the Jews obtained, by blackmail and terrorism, the right to create a state in the land of Palestine. Nonchalantly, they persuaded the international community that, in compensation for an unprecedented tragedy (their supposed "Holocaust"), they merited an unprecedented remedy: the award of lands belonging to other peoples. After receiving this exorbitant gift, they enlarged their territory considerably in
chronic wars, paying no heed to the restrictions instituted by the United Nations to protect the Palestinians, restrictions which the Zionists had made a commitment to respect. For over fifty years, with the help of the Jewish Diaspora, they have carried out a colonial policy of conquest and apartheid against the Palestinian people. The Zionists have violated one international agreement after another, treating some sixty UN resolutions against their practices as null and void. America's
political leaders have supported, armed, and defended Israel as devotedly as if it were the foremost state of the United States of America. It must be said that they cannot afford to defy the Jewish lobby, which closely monitors all their country's political and media spheres. Nonetheless, most Americans, intoxicated by the holocaust propaganda, are all too ready to derive their own belief in a world divided into two groups -- one good (Jews and their associates), the other evil (Nazis and their ilk) -- from the inventions of a Jewish neurosis. For these Americans, the Nazi, supreme villain, ever bent on killing the poor Jew, paragon of innocence and virtue, is the measure of all things. It is not mere coincidence that the ghastly hulk which houses the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum stands in the immediate proximity of the Washington Monument, not far from Capitol

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