Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano


Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano

The book's title derives from the Hindu conception of a divine incarnation, and the author considers that incarnation to be that announced by Adolf Hitler, who already made his radiant appearance and who must one day return along with his Last Battalion.

It is year 125 of the Hitlerian Era, the 20th of April, Fuhrertag, the Day of the Führer, commemorating his earthly incarnation 125 years ago in Braunau am Inn, in the Holy Land of Germany. This day coincides with Ostara, as it is chosen as the day of the book release of the Fifth Gospel, the true Gospel in fact, the Aryan Gospel of the Ultimate Avatar, Adolf Hitler. This is The Resurrection; unleashed with Green Thunderbolts from the summit of the Mountain of Doom! With this the West is given the Gospel and the fountains of untold knowledge are opened to the few who are ready, those prepared from birth to enter into the way of Immortality.

Hardcover, 956 pp

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