A Warning to the Hindus by Savitri Devi


A Warning to the Hindus by Savitri Devi

A Warning to the Hindus by Savitri Devi

A rare treatise written in the thirties by Savitri Devi of Greek origin, a remarkable story on Hindu nationalism told in a most absorbing and logical manner, appeals to the most critical minds. 

It compels you to think, what Hinduism is all about and why you should take pride in being a Hindu and strive for a Hindu nation.

This highly inspiring and thought-provoking book will make the Hindus realise where they stand...it will put them on the right turn of national thinking.

From the foreword by Scree G.D. Savarkar

"Our point is that Hindu society must not perish nor must it stagnate in its present state of weakness. We want it to live because it can be mighty and beautiful, and also because it is Indian, nay because it is India itself. We have no other reason to defend it."

"Hinduism is to be examined in the light of its human value. India is great to the eyes of the intelligent world, because of our human value, because of what she stands for."

Paperback, 150 pp

Note: New unread copy but may be shopworn and show wear.

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